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Doctors petition to stop unnecessary suffering & make cannabis affordable & accessible


Dr Teresa Towpik z Sydney, polska lekarz medycyny zainicjowała akcję zbierania podpisów pod petycją ws. udostępnienia medycznej marihuany w Australii.
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Doctors petition to stop unnecessary suffering & make cannabis affordable & accessible

Cannabis has been used by humanity for thousands of years and was prohibited only 80 years ago. Between 1841 and 1937 cannabis was prescribed by doctors and made by pharmacists for the treatment of multiple medical conditions.

Doctors were against cannabis prohibition and the AMA president Dr William Woodward stated in 1937 that banning this plant would stagnate medicinal use and scientific research.

The current cannabis prescribing process in Australia is so riddled with red tape that I am confident to say on practical level it is still illegal to prescribe it. This system is insulting to doctors, especially GP’s and cruel to patients. Sadly, patients are forced to turn to the black market to obtain their medicine.

This is wrong, they should be guided by doctors. However, how can we help them if we are practically unable to prescribe it?

We can’t ignore it anymore. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves and embrace this ancient medicine with no reported deaths when overdosed. It is our responsibility to support our patients in their choices of treatment and guide them accordingly. Therefore, I am appealing to my fellow doctors to embrace this important medicine.

The medicinal properties of cannabis can be optimised and the side effects minimised when used in a proper clinical setting. It would also allow us to conduct n=1 studies, which might be appropriate in the case of this plant due to its uniqueness and difficulty with standardising.

I am urging the RACGP to change its current undecided position and support proper legalisation and streamlining of the prescribing process as well as ongoing education.

Unfortunately, our current attitudes support the black market.

It is time to let go of fear, dogma and prejudice. It is time to embrace cannabis as an important therapeutic agent and listen to our patients, their stories of pain, suffering, healing and hope.

Prohibition and red tape is not the answer, awareness and knowledge are.

Please, sign the petition to stop unnecessary suffering and make medicinal cannabis affordable, accessible and easy to prescribe!

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DR Bastian Seidel